Literacy – Grades 5 and up

Read aloud. Many home adults assume that their older kids do not want to be read aloud to, and yet, our students tell us repeatedly how much they miss it. So why not find a great book and take some time to experience the book together?
Find great books. Use the SORA app for an ever-increasing volume of online books.
Be invested and interested. This does not mean that you ask your child to write reports about what they read, in fact, we would be very careful as to what type of work goes along with reading over the summer besides reading, but do ask questions. Ask whether they enjoy the book or not. What they plan on reading next. Read along with them or beside them. Make reading a part of your life so it can become a part of theirs.
Play it: Take an adventure book with a clear plot (The Phantom Tollbooth, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, etc.) and invent a board game based on it.
Comic strip: Write a comic strip about a fictional character or yourself. See how long you can keep the strip going. Read classic comics for inspiration.
Reading fort/tent: Encourage your child to make a reading fort or tent and use it as their special place to read books of their choice.
Journaling: Give your child a journal to encourage writing of their own choice.