École Dugald School Child Care Centre

Project Update


Sunrise School Division is pleased to announce that on September 26, Dugald Day Care Inc. was formally selected to operate the day care currently being built by the division adjacent to École Dugald School.

On January 3, 2018, the division’s capital campaign project calling for the renovation of École Dugald School was approved by the Public Schools Finance Board (PSFB). As an add-on to the project, PSFB asked Sunrise to prepare a Request for Proposals, award a tender and manage the construction of a standalone child care center near the school.

On April 9, 2018, Sunrise awarded the project tender and construction began on the project. As Sunrise does not have expertise in the operation of a child care facility, it also began the process of developing a Request for Proposals to partner with a day care operator.

The operation of the day care is subject to some restrictions placed on the facility by the funders - the Public Schools Finance Board and the Province of Manitoba:

  1. The construction of the facility is funded by the Province, but operational funding to subsidize child care spots is not included in the approved funding.
  2. The facility design is a template design used in other projects throughout Manitoba.
  3. The day care is to operate preschool and infant spots only as dictated by the Province of Manitoba and is not to include a school-age program.

It is anticipated that the day care will be completed and operational in spring 2019, to allow time for construction completion and the approval of funding by the Province by way of an Operating Grant.

Parents who wish to have their children considered for a spot are encouraged to register their child on the provincial online waiting list at www.manitoba.ca/onlinechildcareregistry

For further information, contact:

Leola Paul, Director, Dugald Day Care Inc: [email protected]

Jody Thiessen, Secretary Treasurer, Sunrise School Division: [email protected]

Project Timeline

Please see the attached document for a timeline on how this project will proceed.

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