Meet Your Board

Sunrise Trustees.

Front row (Left to right): Lorraine Boitson, Don Nichol, Russ Reid, Paul Magnan (Chair), Alicia Smith

Second row (Left to right): Dianne Roeland, Malissa Rowan, Dustin Dent, Robin Harris (Vice Chair)

The nine trustees who govern our division are responsible and dedicated to the delivery of fair and equal public education within Sunrise.

Their areas of responsibility include educational accountability, fiscal responsibility, community leadership, accountability to the provincial government and the community, appointment of senior administration and board succession planning.

The Board is a unified body and, as the leader of the school division, encourages and strengthens the school division in its goal of student achievement and success. They identify, support and represent values that reflect the best hopes and aspirations of the community.

Board Priorities

  1. Improve literacy and numeracy results at the Kindergarten to Grade 3 levels to create successful, lifelong learners.
  2. Enhance communication to inspire public confidence and increase clarity and consistency among the division, community, staff, parents and students.
  3. Enhance, increase and create innovative learning opportunities for students.

Read more about our Board’s strategic plan.
Don Nichol
Ward 1 - Don Nichol
(204) 348-2818
Lorraine Boitson

Ward 2 - Lorraine Boitson
(204) 223-9642
Dianna Roeland

Ward 3 - Dianne Roeland
(204) 255-9396
Dustin Dent
Ward 4 - Dustin Dent
 (204) 890-4668
Malissa Rowan

Ward 4 - Malissa Rowan
(204) 801-4707
Alicia Smith
Ward 5 - Alicia Smith
 (431) 343-0117
 Robin Harris
Ward 6 - Robin Harris
(204) 268-9395
Paul Magnan 
Ward 7 - Paul Magnan
(204) 340-1719
Russ Reid 
Ward 8 - Russ Reid
(204) 345-8476