Language Programs

Multilingualism can expand your child’s career opportunities and ease their ability to make connections in our culturally diverse world. This is why we offer students two language programs: French and Ukrainian – representing two large communities in Manitoba.

These programs are available to all children entering kindergarten or Grade 1, regardless of heritage and background. As a parent, you do not have to speak French or Ukrainian or come from either background to enroll your child in a language program.

French Immersion Program

Your child will develop the ability to communicate socially and professionally in French. Once they graduate, they can pursue employment using French or continue with French in college or university. Fluency in a second language also opens up additional opportunities for travel, studies and career choices. This program encourages a positive attitude towards the French language, the French culture and the French Canadian community.

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English Ukrainian Program

The English Ukrainian Bilingual Program (EUBP) provides instruction in English and Ukrainian. Your child will gain valuable language skills, as well as a rich understanding of Ukrainian traditions and heritage. They also receive the same French language instruction as students in the unilingual (English only) program.

Ukrainian cultural experiences are an important portion of the Language Program. Your child will have the enriching experience of participating in traditional activities such as Ukrainian folk songs, dances, music and crafts. Celebrating Ukrainian Christmas, Malanka and Easter celebrations enhance their education and connect them to a larger community.

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