Student Services

Every student in the Sunrise School Division will be prepared for the future with the knowledge, skills and values to achieve their personal goals. We offer a variety of programs and initiatives aimed at developing the individual skills and potential of our students.

Alternative Learning

Our high school students have the opportunity to work on appropriate educational programming through alternative learning classrooms both on and off campus, and in some cases, community agency partnerships. Our alternative program teachers deliver essential learning outcomes through a variety of multi-sensory, experience-based activities, and engage students through programming focused on mentorship and coaching. Students work individually or in small groups with consistent, available adult support and intervention.



Artspeak is an integrated arts credit program held at Camp Cedarwood. It provides a specialized learning environment for students who are talented in writing, storytelling, drawing, painting, theatre, movement and music. Students are encouraged to create, experiment and take risks in a safe, supportive and constructive environment to push their ideas to the next level. This is also an opportunity for participants to share their talents with other students from Sunrise’s high schools.


Assistive Technology Support

Assistive technology is specialized equipment or devices to assist in communication, self-care, mobility, hearing, vision and environmental control. This technology enables students’ independence and inclusion in the school environment to improve and enhance their overall learning experience. Assistive technology includes tools to support alternative and augmentative communication, speech generating devices, software to meet specific educational needs, alternative access for computers, adaptive toys and simple environmental controls.


Children’s Therapy Initiative

The goal of the Children's Therapy Initiative is to enhance the delivery of therapy services to students with an identified concern in areas such as speech, hearing, movement, learning and social development to allow them to reach their full potential. This includes all children from birth to 21 years of age who require audiology, occupational therapy, physiotherapy and/or speech-language pathology services.


Safe Schools

Nothing is more important than the safety and well-being of our students. We are continuously improving our ability to maintain learning environments that are physically and emotionally safe. Sunrise hires staff specifically for our Divisional Crisis Team and School Crisis Team to ensure safety is an integral component of the ongoing instruction in our schools. We have also implemented a Safety Manual and hold safety workshops within our schools and communities. 


Well-being Leadership Team (& Healthy Schools)

Strong partnerships with home, community, and the school division are required to ensure students know where to turn if they ever experience challenges with their mental health or well-being. The Sunrise Well-being Leadership Team is established to support high quality practices in our classrooms that enhance the skills, attitudes, knowledge and habits to support mental well-being for all students.


Talent Development

We strive to provide challenging learning opportunities for our students by recognizing individual talents, strengths, interests, abilities and learning styles. Advanced learners – students who can learn more deeply, move at a brisker pace or make greater connections – are given opportunities to develop their abilities and set appropriate learning goals for themselves. Our Student Services team members provide support and direction based on individual situations.


Unified Referral and Intake Services

URIS is a provincial program that supports children with specific health care needs when they are attending community programs such as school or childcare facilities. Through this support, a registered nurse develops a health care plan for the child and trains staff on how to care for the child while they are at school or a childcare facility.