Literacy – Kindergarten to Grade 4

Build sight words.  Use the sight words your child’s teacher has sent home or select some reoccurring words from your child’s home reading books to have them practice building and writing their sight words.  Some suggestions to build with include Legos, plasticine, playdough, shaving cream or wiki sticks. 

Cook or Bake  Your child can participate by following your oral directions or reading the directions with/to you.   

Write a list.  Children can help write grocery lists, lists of chores that need to be done, birthday invites, etc. 

Practice forming letters.  Have your child use shaving cream, gel in a sealed Ziploc bag or a piece of sandpaper to form letters with their finger.  This is supposed to be a tactile experience! 

Treasure Hunt – Hide something and give your child a series of clues or draw a map for your child to locate the hidden item.  Extension Idea:  Have your child write the next set of clues for you to follow! 

Scavenger Hunt – Give your child a list of items they need to find  

Notes of Appreciation - Have your child write a personal note of appreciation to someone who has done something kind for them or made a difference in their life.  

Winter Poem – Using your five senses, record a five-word poem of what you feel, hear, see, taste and smell.   

Writing - The following site includes possible writing ideas for a variety of different levels of writers. 

Take it Outside: Integrating Nature and Literacy.  Take it Outside - Activity Package
Play it: Take an adventure book with a clear plot (The Phantom Tollbooth, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, etc.) and invent a board game based on it.
Take it Outside: Integrating Nature and Literacy. Take It Outside Rhyme Booklet
Comic strip: Write a comic strip about a fictional character or yourself. See how long you can keep the strip going. Read classic comics for inspiration.
Reading fort/tent: Encourage your child to make a reading fort or tent and use it as their special place to read books of their choice.
Journaling: Give your child a journal to encourage writing of their own choice.