Active Learning

Family STEM activities for K-4

Crawl on all fours: forward, backward, sideways or change direction on command. Make an obstacle course!
Animal Walking: Gorilla crouch walking, Bear walking, Inchworm walking, Snake crawling, Bird walking, Crab walking.
Throw or roll, if on the grass, a medium or large ball towards targets (bucket, container) to the right of center and the left of center.
Bat balloons with both hands on the bat or a tennis racket.
Paddle games like ping pong, Stick-ums, water paddle, scoop paddle; encourage using the same hand.
Bean bag toss: place target containers to the left and to the right; instruct the child to use the same hand for a full round, may switch to the other hand for alternating rounds if desired.
Play sorting games: place objects to sort on the left side and containers to place them in on the right side: sort coins, cars vs. trucks, pompoms, marbles, bingo chips, etc.
Scoop sand into a bucket using one hand to hold the bucket and the other to scoop and reach across. Push toy trucks and cars through the sand.