English Ukrainian Bilingual Program

The English Ukrainian Bilingual Program (EUBP) provides instruction in English and Ukrainian. Students gain valuable language skills, as well as a rich understanding of Ukrainian traditions and heritage. Students in EUBP also receive the same French language instruction as students in the unilingual (English only) program.

Ukrainian cultural experiences are an important part of the Language Program. Students participate in traditional activities such as Ukrainian folk songs, dances, music and crafts. Celebrating Ukrainian Christmas, Malanka and Easter celebrations enhance their education and connect students to a larger community.


EUBP is available to any child entering kindergarten or grade 1, regardless of heritage and/or background. Oak Bank Elementary School is the designated school in our division to offer this unique and rewarding program.

Ongoing Learning

Springfield Middle School

Ukrainian Language Arts (ULA) is continued in grades 6 to 8. It’s taken alongside English Language Arts (ELA) in a combined classroom with students from all three grades. The expectation for each student and each grade will vary within the combined classroom.

Springfield Collegiate

In high school, students have the option to pursue the Special Language Credit for Ukrainian, among many languages, at the grade 9 to 12 levels to receive a credit. The exam is offered once in the fall and once in the spring.