2022-2023 MasterChef Champions

There were 14 rounds of cooking where over 140 junior chefs (students) competed on 54 teams, judged by 8 different food experts (teachers). In the end only 15 teams got their chance to compete in the finals and etch their names in history for the win at their grade level. One team per grade level was crowned the 2022-2023 MasterChef Champion and they were awarded the custom-made trophy that the woods and metals teacher made (see picture). On top of the cooking and judging itself the students that are a part of Check3TV worked very hard to video tape the event and capture the cooking in action. All 14 rounds were filmed with three or more cameras. Countless hours were spent organizing and editing the footage into a 30-minute long reality tv episode that highlighted the entire experience. The episode was viewed as a full school in an assembly following the live streaming of the Check3TV finale broadcast. Overall, this extra-curricular was nothing short of outstanding and will now become a yearly tradition.