Annual Unified Special Olympics

As a fully inclusive Unified event, all students, with or without an intellectual disability, participated in soccer, basketball, bocce and the track and field events: modified javelin, shot put and running race. Students from one end of the division to the other engaged in physical activity together with lots of laughter and high fives, as they circulated through the stations. We extended an invitation to Whiteshell School District as well and made some new friendships there. High school student volunteers assisted at each event, demonstrating inclusivity, kindness and leadership skills. Parents, volunteers and school staff could not stop smiling as they witnessed what this event was able to bring out in the youth that were participating. New friendships and connections were made and students from Powerview, Lac du Bonnet and Beausejour expressed interest in follow-up participation in the Special Olympics Winnipeg Wolves summer soccer program. The highlight of the event was having each athlete receive a 1st place ribbon and a water bottle as they climbed the podium amidst cheering and clapping from the crowd. It was their time to shine, and shine they did!