Nothing Is Impossible!

He completed his course work and graduated from Empower Education Centre this fall (2020).

​Glenn would tell those who think that they cannot complete the requirements for a Grade 12 diploma that nothing is impossible when they put their minds to it. Glenn’s message is clear, “It will take dedication, but you can do it.”

​Glenn demonstrated the dedication and motivation necessary to overcome whatever challenges were necessary in order to graduate, and, by doing so, he is able to convey what he always wanted say to everyone (especially his grandchildren), “I completed my high school, and I am now a graduate.”

For Glenn, the challenges along the way included getting past the many ghosts of his own, personal history, including spending nearly a decade in residential school. On many occasions Glenn would say, “I’m putting all of that behind me. I can’t think about that because I need to move ahead.” As a result, after five decades away from formal schooling, Glenn accomplished what many might have considered impossible: he held his hard-earned, high school diploma in his hands.

​Glenn expressed his appreciation for the staff members at Empower Education Centre, who took the time to come along side and guide him through his many assignments. Although coursework can be done at a student’s own pace and although daily attendance is not mandatory at EEC, Glenn was at school nearly every day, never losing sight of his goal and pressing hard toward the finish line.


Glenn! You’ve done it! Your community, its leaders, your family, and especially your grandchildren all have reason to be extremely proud of you.

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