A day in the life of a Sunrise School Division Mechanic during the winter months!

They service:

     114 buses

     4 vans

     3 service trucks

Sunrise School Division School Buses travel 2.7 million kms a year. This means frequent oil changes and sometimes breakdowns due to the sheer number of kilometers traveled.

Transportation staff respond to service calls throughout the Division which covers 7,180 sq kms. This could involve driving from Victoria Beach to East Braintree and then running into Oakbank.

The day starts very early at the transportation department. Half the crew arrives at 6:00 a.m. every day, and sometimes earlier if the weather is bad.  The other half comes in a little later, and stays until 5:30 p.m. or later, depending on the weather and any other situations that may arise.

Mechanics and Bus Drivers are on the roads sometimes before the snow clearing equipment clears the roads. Before the first bus is on the road, the mechanics are making sure that the service trucks and all equipment is ready to go.  This is in case they get called out for a service call. In brutally cold weather they want to be able to leave our compound within minutes to ensure that they can reach any bus as quickly as possible to ensure the safety of students and bus drivers.

On really cold and stormy days there are times that all of our mechanics are here all day trying to make sure our kids are getting to and from school safely.  Since 80% of our students ride the bus every day, this job is extremely important!  They are outside fixing buses when its -44 outside, never complaining because the safety of our students is paramount to them!

We appreciate the hard work of all our transportation staff!

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