Holidays at Hofer

…a season of giving

Students were eager to craft and create gifts to wrap up and give to loved ones. Grades 3, 4, and 5 had a “classroom crafting shuffle” where they were invited to create a variety of ornaments to gift. The hallways were filled with beautiful art, the school tree decorated by student creations, and the music room was temporarily turned into a photo studio! Photos were taken of each family, framed, and wrapped just in time to be gifted for Christmas!

…a season of joy

            What brings you joy? From Kindergarten to Grade 12, everyone had a chance to add what brings them joy to our collaborative wall. It was very interesting to see the words and pictures appear!

 …a season to celebrate

            Many hours of practice went into Hofer School’s production of On Our Way to Bethlehem! The concert had additional performances by the Kindergarten students, the German School, and the Greenwald Colony Choir. The evening ended with a special guest: the Big Daddy Magic Show!

 …a season of generosity

On the night of the Christmas concert, Hofer School had a raffle to raise money for Open Doorways Orphanage in Haiti. Greenwald Colony donated over 40 prizes to the raffle, resulting in $772 raised! 

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