Flourishing Colony, Busy School

In order to sustain growth and success in this community, our school, Gross School, graduates a skilled workforce. Our students are educated using three formats: Independent Study Option (ISO) courses in which students work on their own; teaching using the Hutterite Brethren Networking, Inc. in which colonies over great distances share a virtual classroom with a teacher through a televised network; and through direct teaching on the colony in a traditional classroom. The grade eleven and twelve students also enroll in the High School Apprenticeship Program (HSAP) to learn auto mechanics, welding, carpentry, and culinary arts.


High School students work in the colony's gardens, shops, and factories to gain firsthand training and experience in quality production. This is a very enterprising community and Gross School works hard to collaborate with the local leaders, parents, and businesses to prepare the students to be fully capable and qualified contributing members of their Colony.


This Hutterite Colony's primary industry produces agricultural products for Manitoba consumers while its secondary industries focus on two businesses, both with factories on the colony: Whiteshell Chairs and Whiteshell Roofing. The first manufactures quality steel products for homes and businesses and the latter produces affordable metal roofing for environmentally-friendly consumers.

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