Student Stewardship Continues to Grow at Springfield Middle School

Two years ago, after learning about the seven sacred teachings and medicine wheel, grade 6 students worked with resident mosaic artist Dimitry Melman to create an outdoor art installation to share their knowledge. Once the mosaic was installed students continued to learn about traditional medicines and planted them in our green space for future learning and use.

The following year, the grade 7 students took action toward further learning and sustainability by working to educate and implement a school wide compost program. The compost fed the plants in the green space and saved 63 kg (139 pounds) of food waste from the landfill in just a few short months.

When in grade 8, students worked with their Service Learning teacher to harvest and care for the medicines they planted in grade 6. They made use of the compost they began in grade 7 to nourish the garden area. Moving forward, our students will continue to learn and contribute to local initiatives and care for our space.

During the summer months, a Springfield student cares for the green space.

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