Good Deed for Beausejour Food Bank

On Thursday, December 20, Hofer School invited the Greenwald Colony and surrounding neighbours to the 2018 Christmas Concert. Students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 took part in a variety of performances. The Grade K- 6 classes put on a musical called Shepherds, Sheep and a Savior, a funny and humbling story about Jesus Christ being born.  Some favourite songs from the musical were Shaggy, Smelly Sheep and Headin’ Down to Bethlehem

The Grade 8-10 students performed Silent Night using tone chimes and performed a variety of skits, which included the participation of some Grade 11- 12 students. The community choir finished off the evening with a lovely performance. The members of Greenwald Colony donated a variety of prizes and the silent auction held during the intermission raised $770 for the Beausejour and Area Food Bank.

Artists in the School

Hofer School was fortunate to take part in the Artists in the School program and had Manitoba author Donna Besel spend two weeks with our students. 

Ms. Besel grew up in Whiteshell Provincial Park and now lives on the Winnipeg River near Lac du Bonnet. She loves writing of all kinds and has instructed students of all ages on creative writing. She has read her work and made presentations on writing at various conferences and workshops, and in libraries, schools and universities.

Students were led through the creative writing process, and spent time learning how to pen a fictional piece of creative writing. Students in Grade K- 3 wrote two stories in small groups, while students in Grade 4-10 wrote individual pieces. Students learned the importance of getting all ideas down before editing as well as how to add detail to incorporate the five senses into their writing to make it more exciting for the reader.

Students were fortunate enough to work with Ms. Besel daily for the two weeks, which produced some excellent writing. Her encouragement and dedication to the students was evident by the delightful pieces written by every student. Hofer School is now in the process of having the stories published into a book that will be available to students and Colony members. Hofer School would like to extend its thanks to both Donna Besel and to the Manitoba Arts Council for participating in the Artists in the School Program.

The Artists in the Schools program supports arts-enriched learning experiences through Manitoba artists working in the classroom with students from Nursery to Grade 12 in Manitoba schools. The intent of the program is to motivate and excite students to realize the full potential of who they can be, acknowledge their role in the community and value the importance of the arts.

Students Making Crafts

Crafts Day

This winter, students at Hofer School took part in Crafts Day. Throughout the day, students were able to try their hands at a variety of activities including pottery, baking, soap making and cards. Everyone from Kindergarten to Grade 12 participated and parents were invited to volunteer with their children.

Students always have big smiles on their faces when working side by side with their parents. Students get very excited when their clay creations turn rock hard after the first firing, followed by glazing. And they often seem surprised when they see their final product after it’s fired the last time. Their glaze turns into many wonderful colours when the kiln reaches a certain temperature. They get to see firsthand the wonders of chemistry.

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