We Are Growing!

Whiteshell Colony School is expanding. Construction began right after Labour Day and the project should be finished by mid-January. Our new facilities include two new classrooms, spaces for student lockers and two new washrooms resulting in a much-improved learning environment.

The new classrooms will house our high school students. Each classroom will have new computers. One classroom will be a hybrid: part classroom and part studio to accommodate the HBNI programs, closed circuit, interactive, educational TV. The other classroom will be a shared facility with the German teacher.


Two students, recently graduated from Whiteshell Colony School as well as HSAP (High School Apprenticeship Program, carpentry) worked alongside our colony carpenter building our school. The high school students have helped with the tile grouting.

This has been a valuable learning experience for each student in the school as they were able to see the importance of math as a relevant subject by observing the carpenters work with fractions, read blueprints, make accurate measurements, and purchase the materials.

The early years’ students are excited about the changes taking place. Although this group will not be using the new space, they will still benefit from the addition as they will now have their own entrance to the school, their own washrooms, and fewer interruptions due to the current shared common area.

Both the teachers and the students can hardly wait for the new addition to open on February 1st.

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