Healthy Living Initiative at Springwell School

An ongoing initiative at Springwell School is to foster positive attitudes towards healthy living, healthy food choices and physical activity.

Each fall, to kick off Healthy School Initiatives, all students, staff, and community members participate in our annual Terry Fox Run. Our runs have taken us to places such as Old Pinawa Dam, Birds Hill Park and more recently to Hecla Island, for a full day of hiking the trails, exploring nature and just being outside.

Students on the beach at Hecla Island.

 Students at Hecla Island.

In addition to regular Gym classes for all K-12 students, our community, with the suggestion of teachers and students, has invested in professional fitness equipment to foster, encourage and provide extra fitness activities to all members of the community 15 years of age and older.

The fitness centre was planned, and set up in the spring of 2017, and is maintained, cleaned, and supervised by our high school students which encourages respectable care for one’s environment and spaces.

Gym equipment.

To encourage healthy eating, the school launches a healthy eating kick off every fall in which community members are invited to attend. Only healthy snacks such as fruits and vegetables are served. The community kitchen also provides us with a variety of healthy snacks throughout the year. This may be homemade apple chips, homemade fruit roll-ups or as simple as baked snacks.

We feel that this healthy initiative is a great success. Nearly all of our students have become more aware of their physical abilities and choose healthy snacks as an option. Junk food is rarely an issue and judging by the fitness centre usage, snacks served, and the readily available fruits and vegetables at all times, is a good indication that our efforts are having an impact on the larger community.

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