Edward Schreyer Student Excels in Work Experience

Sometimes a traditional learning environment, such as a school classroom, doesn't meet the unique needs of each student. Sunrise School Division fosters an environment where all staff members, from teachers to bus mechanics, are eager to take any opportunity to provide exceptional learning experiences for our students.

David Carroll, a student at École Edward Schreyer School, found his sense of belonging within Sunrise’s transportation department.

When he started in September, he was sweeping the floor, emptying garbage cans and helping with cleaning the shop. He always showed up on time, dressed in the appropriate work boots and safety vest. When his work was completed, he took the initiative to ask the shop foreman if he could help with anything else.

David’s work ethic and enthusiasm didn’t go unnoticed. A couple months into his work experience, the mechanics taught him to change oil and execute grease jobs. Now, David can repair seats and windshields, change tires, and perform exhaust, electrical and bodywork.

He quickly became “one of the guys” and a loved member of the transportation family, attending team meetings, barbecues and Christmas dinners. The generous staff expressed their appreciation for David by providing him with his own coveralls with his name on it and pitching in to gift him a set of tools, which he has excitedly shown to his friends and teachers.

Eager to continue working, David offered to help out during the summer without pay, but he now has a paid summer job with the department until school starts again.

Sunrise is so proud of David’s hard work and Danielle Erickson, Transportation Manager, and her staff who have provided an amazing learning experience.

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