Ribbon Skirts in Sunrise

This year three workshops were held. After learning from Grandmother Mary Maytwayashing in June 2018, the students of Whiteshell Colony were keen to sew Ribbon Skirts. One colony parent brought a refurbished antique sewing machine to help with the workshop! This special gift added seven skirts to the divisional Ribbon Skirt collection.

Students, staff, family and community gathered at École Powerview School for an evening of learning and sewing in March 2019. Families shared teachings and stories that contributed to the growing knowledge about the Ribbon Skirt.

Grade 9 students in Ms. Christina Fillion’s Home Ec. class have created ribbon skirts for themselves, family members and the divisional collection. They will share their learning with a celebration in June.

To date over 50 people have been a part of learning at several school sites, contributing many Ribbon Skirts to the divisional collection in the spirit of reconciliation.

Whiteshell Colony Student

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