I Love to Read month’s Special Guests at Grafton Colony School

For I Love to Read month, the students in our Early Years classroom created wonderful handmade invitations and thank you cards for special guests invited to read to the students. Grafton School has been fortunate to have many guests come to the school to read to the children. Plus, we were able to have guests who could not make it to the school, read to us from various parts of the province using technology. The students also created a bulletin board for the guests to add their name on a heart to show all of the wonderful readers coming for a visit.

Valentine’s Day and 100s Day were on the same day this year. The day was filled with 100s day activities in all classes from physical education and visual arts to math and literacy. The Early Years students and Ann Penner brought in items they counted out to 100. Some of the items included wild rice, pennies, cereal, drawings of ants and doll clothes.

In Phys Ed, the students worked on seeing how many times they could do an activity in 100 seconds. Some of the activities included hopping on one foot, jumping jacks, sit-ups and bouncing a ball.

In math and ELA, the students read a book about 100 snowmen and worked on snowmen riddles as well as 100s day math games. The Early/Middle years students spent some time in the afternoon solving riddles for a breakout as Miss Campbell hid all of their Valentine’s/100s day treats in a breakout box and wouldn’t let them have them until they solved all the riddles and ‘broke out.’ They finished with approximately two minutes left on the clock. Well done!

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