Introducing Our New Board of Trustees

2018-2019 Sunrise School Division Board of Trustees

Ward 1: Trustee Don Nichol Ward 5: Trustee Art Berry
Ward 2: Vacant Ward 6: Trustee Jarret Pachkowsky
Ward 3: Trustee Dianne Roeland Ward 7: Trustee Paul Magnan
Ward 4: Trustee Diane Duma Ward 8: Trustee Russ Reid
Ward 4: Trustee Karen Insley  
Sunrise board members.
Front row (Left to right): Dianne Roeland, Diane Duma, Jarret Pachkowsky, Karen Insley Second row (Left to right): Russ Reid, Art Berry (Vice-Chair), Don Nichol (Chair), Paul Magnan  

We are pleased to announce that the Chair of the Board for the 2018/2019 school year is Don Nichol. Elected as Vice-Chair of the Board for the 2018/2019 school year is Art Berry.


Finance/Audit Committee

Chairperson: Diane Duma
Members: Art Berry, Russ Reid, Dianne Roeland

Policy Committee

Chairperson: Dianne Roeland
Members: Karen Insley, Jarret Pachkowsky, Russ Reid

STA Liaison

Karen Insley

Union 5097 Negotiation Committee

Don Nichol
Diane Duma
Paul Magnan
Russ Reid

Parent Advisory Councils

Beausejour/Brokenhead: Art Berry/Jarret Pachkowsky
Whitemouth/Reynolds: Don Nichol
Powerview/Pine Falls: Paul Magnan
Oakbank: Diane Duma/Karen Insley
Dugald: Dianne Roeland
Anola/Hazelridge: Vacant
Lac du Bonnet: Russ Reid  

Standing Committees

Brokenhead Recreation Commission: Art Berry
Winnipeg River Recreation Commission: Russ Reid
Edgewater Recreation Commission: Paul Magnan
Whitemouth River Recreation Commission: Don Nichol
Springfield Music Association: Diane Duma
Age Friendly Manitoba – Springfield/Oakbank: Diane Duma
Age Friendly Manitoba – Beausejour/Brokenhead: Jarret Pachkowsky  
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