Literacy – Kindergarten to Grade 3

Water writer: Using a pail of water and a brush, have kids write words on the blacktop or sidewalk.
Take it Outside: Integrating Nature and Literacy
Sell summer: Tell kids to try a new product or activity and write about it. How would you describe it? Would you recommend it? Create an advertisement to sell it to others.
Play it: Take an adventure book with a clear plot (The Phantom Tollbooth, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, etc.) and invent a board game based on it.
Take it Outside: Integrating Nature and Literacy 
Summer sleuth: Have kids follow a story in a newspaper during the summer, or investigate a local story. Tell kids: Write about the event as it unfolds so that you have it documented from start to finish.
Comic strip: Write a comic strip about a fictional character or yourself. See how long you can keep the strip going. Read classic comics for inspiration.
Reading fort/tent: Encourage your child to make a reading fort or tent and use it as their special place to read books of their choice.
Create a summer scrapbook: Save postcards and movie tickets, record family stories or interesting events from each day, whether you’re going on vacation or just going to your neighborhood park.
Journaling: Give your child a journal to encourage writing of their own choice.