ESD Collaborative Survey Project

Anola, Centennial and Whitemouth Schools engaged in reflective conversations between students, teachers, administrators and Custodians in five areas: Governance, Facilities and Operations, Learning and Instruction, Partnerships and Human Capacity Building. Highlights from the survey included ideas on reducing waste, sharing information with families and community, growing gardens, and ensuring equity in schools and learning. Information from the collaborative survey is being used to identify areas of strength and one goal area for the school in the upcoming school year.

Students found the process revealed school culture, built respectful relationships between staff and students and built a better understanding of what ESD is in schools. The greatest take away for students was the immediate and long term impact they had on school processes and learning. Students felt they had made a significant contribution to how students can be learning and how they can help make the world a healthier place. Students hope to follow up on the survey to see how it will continue impacting their school and greater community.

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