Whitemouth School
Home of the Whitemouth Warriors!

 Office Staff

Mr. M. Carter (Principal) - mcarter@sunrisesd.ca

Mrs. D. Sawka (Secretary) - dsawka@sunrisesd.ca

Mrs. B. Kurlowich (Secretary) - bkurlowich@sunrisesd.ca

 Instructional Staff

Mrs. K. Foubert - kfoubert@sunrisesd.ca

Mr. A. Plaetinck - aplaetinck@sunrisesd.ca

Mrs. S Westdal - swestdale@sunrisesd.ca

Mrs. L. Van Bergen - lvanbergen@sunrisesd.ca

Mrs. M. Kurlowich - mkurlowich@sunrisesd.ca

Ms. M. Seddon - mseddon@sunrisesd.ca

Mrs. K. Bencharski - kbencharski@sunrisesd.ca

Mrs. H. Bodner - hbodner@sunrisesd.ca

Mrs. J. Hyra - jhyra@sunrisesd.ca

Mr. P. Mazur - pmazur2@sunrisesd.ca

Ms. C. Semiens - cpaetkau@sunrisesd.ca

Mr. B. Peters - bpeters@sunrisesd.ca

Ms. L. Budzinski - lbudzinski@sunrisesd.ca

Mrs. J. Jaworski - jjaworski@sunrisesd.ca

Mrs. S. Westdal - swestdal@sunrisesd.ca

Mr. J. Hansen - jhansen@sunrisesd.ca

Ms. D. Merry - dmerry@sunrisesd.ca

Ms. D. Dawson - ddawson@sunrisesd.ca 

Ms. S. Luczenczyn - sluchzenczyn@sunrisesd.ca


 Educational Assistants & Other Support Staff

Mrs. M. Prosser (E.A.)

Mrs. T. Arenault (E.A)

Ms. J. Brazauskas (E.A.)

Mrs. S. Wiebe (E.A.)

Mrs. L. Harden (E.A.)

Mrs. L. Zarichanski (E.A.)

Mrs. L. Stebelko (E.A.)

Mrs. V. Bullen (E.A.)

Mrs. A. Paluch (E.A.)

Mrs. N. Miller (E.A.)

Mrs. A. Penner (E.A.)

Mrs. J. Staerk (Library Clerk)

Mrs. B. Walls (Head Custodian)​

Mrs. D. Stelko (Custodian)

Mrs. B. Hameluck (Custodian)

Mrs. K, Bartley (Custodian)