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Literacy Support Software 

Options in software to support reading and writing for students in Sunrise are increasing. Learn more about Read & Write Gold at Read&Write Gold software is a comprehensive toolbar that works with many Windows-based applications, such as MSword, email, Internet, and pdf formats to provide literacy support. Tools include text-to-speech, picture dictionary, word prediction, talk as I type, collect highlight features, speech to text, just to name a few. This tool can provide assistance for every student but necessary for some. Refer to RWG.ppsxRWG.ppsx and RWG v 10 Aroga Workshop.pdfRWG v 10 Aroga Workshop.pdf for information presented at Divisional PD.
Kurzweil 3000 continues to be available to provide support tools for reading, study skills and written output. Learn more at
ICt has included the WordTalk text-to-speech plug-in to the base platform of new computers across the division. This means this support tool is available on those computers in the Division. WordTalk is a free text-to-speech plug in for MicroSoft Word. This add-in provides simple auditory output of text in any Word document.
Learn a little about some Accessible Reading Materials for students at Reading A-Z 

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 Self Directed Learning

Autism Spectrum Disorders  This is an excellent resource to learn about ASD and learning strategies such as visuals, visual scheduling, Pecs, structured work stations etc. Video demonstrations are embedded into many modules.
Visual Supports
BoardMaker v. 6 Plus  Use BoardMaker to make visuals. Refer to the ATS BoardMaker Resources handout for instructions
Learn about AT  Under the tab "AT Problem Solving Across the Lifespan", This module is a comprehensive review of assistive technology (AT), beginning with the definition of AT and continuing with laws (U.S.) that influence AT implementation.  Readers will be exposed to the AT field through descriptions of AT devices and services.  This module also covers the low-mid-high tech continuum of AT as well as standards of practice, professional growth opportunities in the area of AT and AT program and self-evaluation tools.
Using Technology Student focused goals and objectives that integrate the use of technology tools and strategies.
Literacy Supports:
ASSESSMENT PROCESS: Protocol for Accommodations in Reading (PAR)
FREE - download this framework that helps a member of the IEP team choose a reading accomodation for a student. Also includes an on demand webinar delivered by Denise DeCoste that will help you get the PAR Framework off the ground and immediately working in your setting.
Speech Recognition Still in development. There is a module introducing speech recognition.
Kidspiration and Inspiration - ​the visual way to explore and understand words, numbers and concepts. 
Kurzweil 3000 Reading, Study Skills and Written support
Word Talk  FREE simple text-to-speech
WordQ SpeakQ text-to-speech and speech-to-text supports
The Centre provides information on the types and functions of various devices, and operates an extensive equipment loan program.
The Communications Devices Program (CDP) mandate is to ensure Speech Generating Devices (SGDs) are available and affordable to all eligible adults in the Province of Manitoba.
ATS Guiding Principles.pdf
ATS Referral Form.pdf
Data Keeping.pdf
Example of Data Keeping.pdf
Guidlines for SETT.pdf
RWG Mobile instructions.pdf
RWG v 10 Aroga Workshop handout.pdf
SETT with Signatures.pdf

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