Springfield Collegiate Institute
Restorative Practices
We at SCI have begun a journey into Restorative Practices. Here is a brief overview of it.
What is Restorative Practices?
·         Is a response to a harmful incident that seeks the direct inclusion of all involved in an effort to meaningfully address the harm and foster renewed relationships
·         Primary focus is to address the needs of those most directly impacted by the harm
·         In Schools, the language of restorative justice is helping educators and administrators to re-think conventional approaches to student discipline.  These approaches generally center on a shift from simply managing behaviour to building and repairing relationship, increasing skills in collaboration and developing emotional intelligence.
·         Data shows the more significant the event the more impact for long range change
·         By using restorative practices we can change the trajectory of re-offenses
·         Restorative Justice is a fundamentally different way of seeing things and it is a well thought out supportive process
·         The supportive response of RJ is to help everyone involved in the incident
Basic Questions of a Restorative Approach
1.   What happened?
2.   Who has been affected? And how?
3.   What needs to happen to make things right as far as possible?
4.   Who is responsible for making things right?
5.   How can this be prevented from happening again?