École Powerview School

Exam Schedule – Jan/Feb 2018

Monday, Jan. 29thTuesday, Jan. 30thWednesday, Jan. 31st​Thursday, Feb. 1st​Friday, Feb. 2nd


​Math 10F                               (K. Leroux/H. Burns)

Math Ess 20S (C. Campbell)

Math Ess 30S (C. Campbell)

PreCal Math 20S (P. Schram)

Pre-Cal Math 30S (L. Foxon)


ELA 10F                              (R. Anderson/H. Burns)

ELA 20F (L. Clark)

ELA Comp 30S (A. Lodge)

FNIM 40S (L. Sharpe)


​Foods & Nutrition 40S (R. Anderson)

Physics 40S (L. Foxon)

Science Nat 10F (K. Puranen)

Français 20/30F                   (M. Desjardins)

​Science 10F (K. Leroux)

Social Studies 10F (L. Clark)

Science 10F/Social Studies 10F (H. Burns)

Phys Ed 20F (L. Sharpe)

Applied Math 30S (L. Foxon)

Law 40S (P. Schram)

Science Humaines 10F        (K. Puranen)

Math Ess 30S (C. Campbell) *Semestered course

​Home Ec 10G (R. Anderson)

Geography 20F (L. Clark)

Histoire 30F (M. Desjardins)

  • ALL exam begin at 9:00 a.m.
  • Students will be notified of the location prior to writing your exam.
  • Students are responsible for bringing in their own materials - pencils, pens, calculators, etc.
  • ALT. Ed students - see Ms. Hovorka about scheduling your exams.


  • Make up exams (due to illness/absence with reason)
  • Course completion (outstanding assignments, tests, etc. - arrangements to be made with course teacher)
  • Course registration for semester 2 (see Mrs. Viznaugh or Mrs. Borlase)