Lac du Bonnet Senior School
Parents Advisory Council
​The Council works in cooperation with school members, board trustees, parents and community members in the following ways:
  •  As an advisory structure to the principal and staff members, representing parental and community concerns and perspectives on issues related to programs, school planning, budgeting and management of the school. 
  •  As a means of disseminating information about the school and about parental priorities, promoting community understanding and involvement in the school.
  •  As a liaison between the school, parents, community and other school support organizations for the purpose of information sharing and cooperation.
  •  As an advisory structure to the School Board in matters relating to Division.
Parents/guardians of students attending Lac du Bonnet Senior School are encouraged to attend Parent Advisory Council meetings, to advise on issues pertaining to the school. Meeting minutes can be found on the links below: 
LDBSS pac minutes June 2015
LDBSS pac minutes oct 2015
LdBSS_SBDM Report_June 2015
PAC Agenda_Dec 1 2015
PAC Minutes - April 2009
PAC Minutes - Feb 2009
PAC Minutes - Feb 2010
PAC Minutes - Jan 2009
PAC Minutes - June 2008
PAC Minutes - Nov 2009
PAC Minutes - Oct 2008
PAC Minutes - Sept 2008
PAC Minutes_Nov 10 2015
PAC Minutes_Nov 10