Lac du Bonnet Senior School
Student Parliament
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Prime Minister

Taylor Dufault

  • Runs Meetings
  • Oversees the organization and implementation of events.
  • Checks in with other ministers; keeps them on track; reminds them of duties and deadlines.
  • Speaks at events and introduces guests at school events.
  • Attends Forum for Young Canadians
Deputy Prime Minister
 Joelle Molinski
  • Supports Prime Minister and fills in duties when the Prime Minister is unavailable.
  • Takes the lead on certain events.

Minister of Entertainment

Kaitlyn Mitchell

Larissa Shabaga

  • Takes an active interest and role in ensuring students have fun activities to take part in.
  • Works directly with the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister to ensure entertainment activities are planned, organized and implemented well. 
  • Ensures that entertainment opportunities are available for all students.

Ministers of Finance

Joelle Molinski

Marina Milne

  • Responsible for budgeting and finance.
  • Keep records of money coming and money spent.
  • Reports financials at each meeting.

Ministers of School Spirit

Larissa Shabaga

Kaitlyn Mitchell

  • Focus on ensuring all students feel accepted and have some connection to school.
  • Work directly with Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister to plan, organize and implement events that help increase school spirit.

Minister of Technolody

Ashton King

  • Supports the Student Paliament with technological needs and wants during events such as school dances, assemblies, spirit weeks, etc.
  • Advocates for technological needs and wants for the student body.

Minister of Social Justice

Kayla Carriere

  • Increases awareness to help ensure there is a culture of equality and empathy at LdBSS.
  • Pays attention to social media and current events in order to introduce relevant social justice topics and initiatives.

Minister of Communication

Payden Schwab


  • Takes detailed notes
  • Attends PAC meetings when possible
  • Makes announcements
  • Shares speaking duties at events with Prime Minister.
  • Maintains Bulletin Board
  • Works with Mr. McLean to ensure proper info is on our website

Members at Large

Arianna Neyedli
Braiden Wieske
Alicia Maki
Corbin Blaquiere
Breanna Shier
Anna Campbell
Anya Hodges
Tanner Sitar


  • Serve as representatives on other school 'clubs' in a collaborative manner to ensure proper communication and consistency in school activities and programming
  • Collaborate with Ministers.
  • Help in all areas as needed.
  • Has a voice in all decisions.
  • Volunteers at events.
  • Act as grade level representatives and ambassadors