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WIN (What I Need) time

November 23, 2017

What is WIN time at Gillis School?

WIN (What I Need) time is student programming based on the Response to Intervention framework (RTI). This process provides intervention and educational support to all students (struggling or excelling) at increasing levels of intensity based on their individual needs. Support is given in all areas including academics, social and behavior. The goal is to intervene early so that all students can be successful and confident learners.

When is WIN time scheduled?

Every student from K-6 receives WIN time programming for 30 minutes, 3 times per cycle.

What is an "intervention"?

An intervention is a type of instruction targeted to meet the learning needs of a student. Interventions are in addition to the general classroom instruction. These added learning tools are well researched or evidence-based to deliver specific instructional strategies and techniques. Interventions are monitored frequently to determine if they are effective in meeting the needs of a student(s). Our grade-group teams decide who and what interventions should take place. The teams are comprised of Classroom Teachers, Student Support Services Teachers (Resource, Counselling, Reading Recovery/Academic Support) and the Principal.