École Edward Schreyer School
French Immersion Program

Senior Years Compulsary Courses (Immersion Program)

Grade 9​Grade 10​Grade 11​Grade 12
​English Language Arts 10F​English Language Arts 20F​Comprehensive English 30S​Comprehensive English 40S
Français 10F​Pre-Calculus/Applied Math 20S​Transactional English 30S​Literary English 40S
Mathématiques 10F​Essential Mathematics 20SPre-Calculus Math 30S​​Transactional English 40S
​Science de la Nature 10FMathé au Quotidien 20SApplied Math 30S​​Pre-Calculus Math 40S
Canada dans M. C. 10FScience de la Nature 20FMathé au Quotidien 30S​Applied Math 40S
​Physical Education 10FGéographie 20FHistoire 30F​Essential Mathematics 40S
​Physical Education 20FFrançais 30SFrançais 40S
Physical Education 30F​Physical Education 40F


Senior Years Optional Courses (Immersion Program)

Visual Arts 10F​Visual Arts 20F​Visual Arts 30F​Visual Arts 40F
​Futures in Bus. 15G & Advanced Keyboarding 25S​Print Communication 25S & Start Your Own Business 25G​Data Collection & Analysis 35S & Relational Databases 35S​Accounting Systems 40S
​Technology I 15F & Tecnology II 15F​Life/Work Planning 20S​Accounting Principals 30S​Automated Office 40S
LIfe/Work Exploration 10S​Curling Academy 21G​Computer Science 30S​Computer Science 40S
​Curling Academy 11G​Drama 20G​Web Design 35S & Interactive Websites 35S​Law 40S
​Home Economics 10G​Clothing 20G​Promotions 30S​Life/Work Transition40S
​Woods 15G & Metals 15G​Family Studies 20F​Visions & Ventures 30S​S.Y.A.O. (Apprenticeship)
​Orchestra 10G​Woods Technology 20G​Curling Academy 31G​Psychology 40S
​Reading is Thinking 11G​Orchestra 20GDrama 30S​Drama 40S
Arts Visuels 10F​Draft Design Tech 20G​Clothing 30G​Family Studies 40S
​American History 20G​Foods & Nutrition 30S​Woods Technology 40S
​Foods & Nutrition 20G​Metals Technology 30G​Construction Tech. 40S
Arts Visuels 20F​Orchestra 30S​Metals Technology 40S
​Broadcast Media & Interactive MEdia 35S​Calculus 45S & Advanced Math 45S
​Physics 30S​Orchestra 40S
​Chemistry 30S​Physics 40S
​Biology 30S​Chemistry 40S
​Marine Science 31G​Biology 40S
​Digital Pictures 25S & Desktop Publishing 35S​Environmental Science 41G
Dével. de Carrière 30S​Global Issues 40S
Biologie 30S​​Western Civilization 40S
Arts Visuels 30S ​Aboriginal Studies 40S
​LIfe/Work Building 30S​Arts Visuels 40S
​Vie-Travail Organisation 30S​Psychologie 40S
​Vie-Travail Transition 40S
​Civilisation Occidentale 40S
​Enjeux Mondiaux 40S

 PsychologiePlease note that the course selection listed above is based on the 2016-2017 course selection booklet.