Sunrise Adult Learning Centres Program
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Who Are We?

We are 4 Adult Education Schools in Sunrise School Division.  From South to North they are:

Springfield Adult Learning Centre

Unit 6-449 Main Street (204) 444-4325

Easy Registration Email:


Agassiz Adult Education Centre in Beausejour

526 Park Avenue (204) 268-4832

Easy Registration Email:


New Directions School in Lac du Bonnet

40 Park Avenue (204) 345-2867

Easy Registration Email:


Empower Education Centre in Powerview-Pine Falls

1 Oak Street (204) 367-2495

 Easy Registration Email:

Please click on the name of the school above to be taken to their website or click on the easy registration email to begin your registration process.


Our goal is make
our program and
each of our
learning centres
as adult learner
friendly as possible.


What Do We Do?


Our mandate is for adults, 19 years of age and older to obtain a Mature Student High School Diploma with as few as 8 credits 


To obtain up to 4 pre-requisites for entrance to post secondary education.


What Does It Cost?

Tuition is FREE (Canadian residents only).  There is an annual registration fee of $35.

General Information:

Please see the individual school websites for their site specific Registration Forms, Calendars and Course Outlines as available.