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Workplace Safety and Health

The Sunrise School Division Oversight Committee (Barb Isaak – Superintendent, Bryon deVries – Director of Human Resources, Elise Downey – Secretary-Treasurer, Derrick Ryback – Maintenance Manager,  Robyn Lowe – Safety Advisor, Debbie Cunliffe – Executive Assistant) meets quarterly to review the committee minutes that are submitted from each location.  If an urgent item arises before your next committee meeting, please do not hesitate to bring it to our attention immediately so that it can be actioned in a timely manner.   

The upcoming deadlines for submission of the WSH committee meeting minutes are:

Workplace Safety and Health Program 

Workplace Safety and Health Policy
Hazard Identification and Control
Emergency Response Procedures
Appendix 7 Evacuation Plan
Appendix 8 Emergency Incident Injury Action Plan
Appendix 9 Fire Evacuation Plan
Appendix 10 Principals Manager check List
Appendix 11 Divisional Crisis Response Intervention Package
Appendix 12 Lock down Lock out Violence Situation
Appendix 13 Bomb Threat Procedure
Appendix 14 Tornado Procedure
Appendix 15 Emergency Preparedness for School Bus drivers
Appendix 30 Emergency Plan Documents Checklist.pdf
Inspection Plan
 Chemical and Biological Hazards Control
Worker Involvement Plan
Program Evaluation