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Ukrainian Immersion

 The English Ukrainian Bilingual Program

How The Program Works


-The English Ukrainian Bilingual Program (EUBP) is just that; a bilingual program.  Children spend equal time working with each subject, covering all required curriculum for their appropriate grade.
-The program recognizes the need for English language fluency, both oral and written.  English Language Arts, Maths, Science, Music and Physical Education are all taught in English. 
-Ukrainian Language Arts, Social Studies and the cultural programs are taught in Ukrainian.
Cultural experiences are an important learning portion of the program.  Traditional folk songs, dances, music, Pysanka and crafts, as well as Christmas, Malanka and Easter celebrations enhance the program and bridge the connection to our greater community.
-All this and French too!  Children in the English Ukrainian Bilingual program also receive the same
French language instruction as children in the unilingual (English only) program. 

-Oak Bank Elementary School is the only school in the Sunrise School Division that offers this unique and rewarding program.  Currently the EUBP is offered to anyone entering Kindergarten or Grade 1, regardless of heritage and/or background.

 Continuing Education


 -At the Middle School level, Language Arts is the only subject that is continued in Ukrainian.  All students receive 12 periods of Language Arts instruction during the six day school cycle.  Those 12 periods are scheduled as six Ukrainian Language Arts (ULA) and six English Language Arts (ELA) periods.  The students from all three grades are combined into one classroom for ULA and ELA.  The students will have the same teacher for all three years and expectations for each student and each grade level will vary within the combined grade classroom.  Again, Ukrainian cultural experiences are an important portion of the Language Program and enhance the education received.
Springfield Collegiate
 All students have the option of challenging the Special Language Credit for Ukrainian at the Senior 1 to Senior 4 levels to receive a credit.  The exam is offered twice during the school year; once in the fall and once in the spring. 
How Your Child Benefits

  -The ability to communicate in a second language enriches a child’s personal, social, education and economic opportunities.

 -The educational challenges of the program encourage the child to develop excellent listening and study skills.
 -Learning language basics (sentence structure, grammar) in three languages promotes correct usage in each language.
  -Knowing a second language helps a child comprehend written languages faster and learn to read more easily.
-As our world becomes more connected, it is important for our young people to have the opportunity to adapt to varying cultural contexts and show greater cultural sensitivity
Oakbank Parents for Ukrainian Education

OPUE is a strong volunteer organization made up of parents with children enrolled in all levels of Ukrainian Education.

OPUE works together with the school, students and parents, offering a variety of support through cultural experiences, parent workshops, craft material acquisition, field trips, Malanka, Easter, Ukrainian Day celebrations, Perogy luncheons, hot lunch days, Back-to-School BBQ and graduation activities. 





For Further information, please contact:
Mrs. McFadyen, Principal
Oakbank Elementary School
Shari Steiner, President
Oakbank Parents for Ukrainian Education
If you have registered your child in the English Program at Kindergarten registration, you still have the option to switch to the English Ukrainian Bilingual Program
The Program is open to everyone and anyone, regardless of heritage. The curriculum is designed to enable children to succeed without requiring parents to have any Ukrainian language skills.