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French Immersion

 Committee Members

  • Elizabeth Myles, Principal, Ecole Beausejour Early Years School  - Phone 204.268.2664
    Pat Ilchena, Principal, Edward Schreyer School - Phone 204.268.2423
  • Christine Fetterly, École Dugald School - Phone 204.853.7929
  • Trevor Reid, École Powerview School - Phone 204.367.2296



The French Immersion Program guarantees a quality of education equal to that found in other programs.

In addition to the objectives set for all school programs in Manitoba, French Immersion programs:

  • Develop a functional level of competency in both French and English communication skills.
  • Develop a positive attitude towards the French language, the French culture and the French Canadian community.
  • Promote global harmony through the development of a positive attitude towards cultures and languages.
  • Create functionally bilingual graduates who may pursue employment using French or continue with French as the language of instruction at a college or university level.

Who May Enrol?

  • The French Immersion Program is designed for all students who wish to become functionally bilingual in French and English. A functionally bilingual individual is one who has developed a mastery of a first language and is capable of communicating with ease in a second language on a personal and professional basis.
  • The French Immersion Program in Manitoba is designed for students who first language is not French. Parents do not have to speak French or come from a French background.

When May You Enroll?

  • A child may enter the French Immersion Program at Kindergarten OR at the beginning of Year 1.