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To be involved in the Artspeak Program…..

  1. Examine the list of sessions offered next year.
  2. Talk to your school talent development teacher about the sessions that interest you.
  3. Fill out an application form/waiver and return it to your talent development teacher.
  4. You will be informed, by your talent development teacher, whether you are accepted or on a waiting list.
  5. Two weeks before each session you will receive some information regarding what you need to bring. 
  6. As this is a Senior High Credit program for designated talented students, accommodations, including meals, supplies, and program costs, will be paid for by Sunrise School Division.

You need to arrange your own transportation to and from Cedarwood Camp (you will be provided with directions).  You need to arrive between 8:30 and 9:00 a.m. on Monday morning.  Sessions end at approximately 8:00 on Thursday, after the Showcase.


ARTSPEAK SENIOR: November 6-9, 2017 - "A Different Perspective"  The focus of this workshop is drawing and painting subject matter from a different perspective.  Sketches will be enlarged, reduced, turned, and altered to fit into a background that raises the subject matter to an even more interesting level, exploring realism and abstraction freely. Movement to music will enhance the experience.  (Drawing, Painting, Writing, Movement to Music)


ARTSPEAK JUNIOR: November 20-22, 2017 - (Art, Theatre, Music, Movement to Music, Outdoor Ed)


ARTSPEAK SENIOR: December 4-7, 2017 - "Talk To Me"  In this workshop, subjects of importance to the participants will be explored and then creatively communicated through song, theatre, and movement to music.  Speaking and listening will be balanced with physical and visual art expression. Art and journaling will serve to record the ideas that emerge.  (Theatre, Songwriting, Music, Movement to Music)


ARTSPEAK SENIOR: March 26-29, 2018 - "Anatomy Of Art"  This workshop will explore expression using all the parts of the body: heads, hands, feet, and faces as a vehicle for communicating through the arts.  Drawing, painting, theatre, and movement to music will all be part of the experience. (Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Theatre, Movement to Music)


ARTSPEAK JUNIOR: April 9-11, 2018, Artspeak Junior - (Art, Theatre, Music, Movement to Music, Outdoor Ed)


ARTSPEAK SENIOR: April 23-26, 2018 - "Zoom In"  This session will focus on the little details in life, the things we have to work to acknowledge and truly see.  As we draw, paint, write, drum and move to music we will study the world around us as well as ourselves.  Projects will attempt to illustrate and communicate the details that are often missed and go uncelebrated as we rush through our daily routines.  (Drawing, Painting, Drumming, Theatre, Writing, Movement to Music)


Artspeak takes place at Cedarwood Camp which is situated north east of Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba.  The camp is administered by the Youth For Christ organization.  As guests, we respect the camp rules, which include, smoking in designated areas only, no drugs, and no alcohol.  Boys' and girls' sleeping rooms are segregated and off limits to each other.  A time of silence  is offered before meals by camp staff.  The camp provides bunk-bed accommodation with shared washroom facilities, three meals, and a late-night snack daily.  Cooking staff will accommodate reasonable dietary requirements and allergies.  It is necessary to bring bedding, towels, and personal care products.

Students are not allowed to use any electronics, cell phones, Ipods, headsets, etc. during any instructional time at Artspeak.

Leaving camp is only allowed by pre-arrangement with the Artspeak teacher, Anthony Steffes.

Artspeak is an integrated arts credit program offered by Sunrise School Division.  It provides a specialized learning environment in an alternate setting to the school classroom, for students who are talented in the arts.  At Artspeak, students use the skills they have acquired in their high schools to create, experiment, and take risks, in a safe, supportive, and constructive environment where they can share their talents with other students from the five high schools in Sunrise.

Students who come to Artspeak are arts-curious individuals who have a desire to explore their art in a community setting. 

Artspeak students are grounded individuals who are capable of functioning independently and in groups, respecting and embracing the differences among their peers.  It is expected that the skill level of students will vary.  The common ground at Artspeak is a passion on the part of students and instructors to communicate through the arts.

At Artspeak, the program leader, Anthony Steffes, is joined by other artists, actors, storytellers, musicians, and dancers to provide motivation for the emergence of ideas that come from the students' experiences.  The Artspeak community explores ideas through writing, storytelling, drawing, painting, theatre, movement, and music.

Students are encouraged to take risks and try new ways of seeing their original ideas, operating in an environment of acceptance and respect, pushing their "half-baked ideas" to new levels of arts inquiry.

Artspeak integrates all the arts in its programs.  It aims to be a theatre of original ideas and interpretations of existing art forms.

We will have approximately twenty students at each Artspeak session.  Breakfast is at 8:30.  Sessions begin at 9:15 in the morning and continue to lunch at 12:00. Further sessions begin at 1:00 and continue to 5:30 when it is time for supper.  Sessions begin again at 7:00 and continue to the 9:00 snack time, followed by another session.  We break up at 10:00.  Students are expected to go to sleep at 10:30, the official camp quiet time.

At the end of the session, pieces of work are shared with each other and an audience of parents and guests.


In May, when all sessions are complete, High School Credits are issued to students who complete two sessions.  Credits awarded are appropriate to the talent the student demonstrates.  There are no half-credits issued.


Anthony Steffes, Artspeak teacher,,

204 667-0529


Lesley Eblie Trudel,

Assistant Superintendent of Student Services

204 268-6535


Sunrise School Division

204 268-6500


Cedarwood Camp 204 345-8529


Talent Development Teacher Senior School Contacts:

Edward Schreyer School-Cam Hutchison

Whitemouth School-Joan Hyra

Powerview School-Tanya Magnan

Lac du Bonnet Senior School-Amy Usackis

Springfield Collegiate-Zig Thiessen




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