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Account Applications

Please be advised that ICT is changing the account application process. The previous web based process did not provide adequate approval processes and was subject to attempts to create accounts on our network for intrusion purposes.  

The process will be as follows:
  • Download the appropriate form in Word format from the ICT Site.
  • Complete the form including all fields tagged as mandatory.
  • Print the form and procure the signature of the Manager, Principle or Asst. Principle of the department /school to approve the account(s).
  • Email the form to Sunrise Service Desk at or fax to 204-444-3744.

Electronic copies of the forms (without signature) will be accepted if sent by the appropriate Manager, Principal or Asst. Principal email account. We suggest a good workflow is to forward the email to an approver who forwards the email to Service Desk with approval.


Terms of service are that the account(s) will be created within 1 business day of receipt of a completed form. Partially completed forms will be returned to the originator.


In future once the process is proven it will be further automated. If there are any questions or comments please feel free to contact us at or at 204-444-3441. Thank you!

Staff Account Request Form 1.0.0.docx

Student Account Request Form 1.0.0.doc​