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ICT Frequenty Asked Questions
The Sunrise ICT Services department often gets asked the following questions. Please feel free to contact us if further information is required
Q: Why are passwords important?
A:  Your password is like your bank pin number, or the security code to your home alarm.  By giving this information to another individual increases the risk of being exploited.  This is your own password that gives you access to your e-mail and the network. Giving this information to others could leave all your important files open to other users, and you don't want to share that information!
Q: How to choose a good password?
A. Click here for information on choosing a good password.
Q:  What happens to data when a student/employee leaves the school division?
A:  Currently when a student or employee leaves the Division account information including electronic mail, files, and other records are permanently deleted. In some

Q:  How do I access my Sunrise email account from home?
A:  Go to the Sunrise web site:
On the left side of the page, click on OWA webmail.
Follow the instructions to login to you Sunrise email account.