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ENDS Policies:  A Summary


Under the current governance model of the Sunrise School Division Board of Trustees, Ends Policies describe what results the board wants for students.  Between March 2004 and May 2005, Sunrise staff conducted a comprehensive visioning process that involved students, staff, parents, community members, and alumni.  This work informed the Board’s subsequent work during the spring and summer of 2005 to develop a vision for the school division.  The overall, long term vision for Sunrise is expressed in Policy E1.  A more detailed breakdown of their vision is expressed in Policy E2.


It is very easy for ‘vision statements’ or ‘policies’ to be interpreted differently by different people.  It is for this reason that the Board requires the Superintendent to provide a written reasonable interpretation of each ends policy.  The Board reviews the reasonable interpretation to ensure that it is alignment with the direction of the Board.  On an annual basis, the Superintendent will provide reports on organizational progress towards the divisional vision.