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Governance & Bylaws
Sunrise School Division - Governing with Excellence
The Sunrise Governance Model….
  • -Is our system of governing the Sunrise School Division
  • -Focuses on large/broad issues
  • -Allows for greater accountability and true board leadership
  • -Makes us responsible owner-representatives 
  • -Provides a way to evaluate our accomplishments

 The Owners of Sunrise School Division

  • -All residents (adults and children) of Sunrise School Division
  • -Students and their parents, taxpayers at large 
  • -Business owners/employers
  • -Local representatives of all levels of government (municipal, provincial)
  • -Government departments/agencies e.g.: Dept. of Education and Northeastman Health
  • -Parent councils, parents of children with special needs, staff


 The Advantages of Our Governance Model

  • -It expresses the vision and values of the ownership and the board as a whole
  • -Forms the foundation for decision-making and allows for more effective board members
  • -Policies reviewed and updated yearly or as required = continual reassessment of responsibilities/goals
  • -Administration monitoring reports form the foundation for evaluating practices and staff
  • -The goal of the governance model = more accountability to our ownership


  Reference Documents

2016 - Role of Trustee Presentation Summary
Manitoba Education Act
Manitoba Publics Schools Act


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